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A Very Special People Behind the Products: Farewell to Tim Phelps

A Very Special People Behind the Products: Farewell to Tim Phelps
Tim Phelps

In the early morning of February 10, the vice president of operations called everyone on deck. Megaphone in hand, he announced to the listening crowd that he would be retiring in April.

For ten years, Tim has been one of Nielsen-Kellerman's biggest champions, egging on the team at every all-hands meeting, beaming with pride as he led guests on tours of the factory, presenting each machine with wide, gesturing hands. "It makes you really excited to come to work," I remember him telling one group.

He praises the collaborative work environment, the flow process, and most of all, the people.

"He's inheriting a great team," Tim says of his successor. His only hope is that they will build on the success we already have.

As for what is next for Tim, the retiring VP expresses an interest in exploring his passion for music in recording, visual media, and songwriting.

Tim began playing music at twelve years old, playing in bands as keyboardist, guitarist, and frontman, including Pink Floyd tribute band Liquid Puzzle. For fifteen years, Tim played the club scene before stepping back to focus on his family.

Tim is also a cancer survivor. His retirement comes after an exhausting journey with radiation. "We caught it early, but I’m still recovering."

"Nothing worthwhile is easy," he says to me. "It takes lots of hours and dedication. Play often. Don't let anybody tell you that you can't do something. Got a goal? Go for it."

Tim is leaning forward now. His gaze is sincere as he holds mine. "Don’t let anybody stop your dreams. Time moves very quickly. Don't waste any time."

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