Our Brands

Nielsen-Kellerman began with one product and has expanded to several brands, each serving customers in different ways, but always with a focus on excitement and passion.

NK's first product, the CoxBox amplifier, was originally developed in 1978 after Richard Kellerman, with the collaboration of Paul Nielsen, was convinced that he could create one rowing unit to combine the tasks of an amplifier, stroke meter, and timer to simplify the coxswain's job. With the success of the CoxBox, and with 40 years of experience delighting customers, several other rowing and paddle sport items have been added to the product line, most of them becoming the industry leader in their respective sport.

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The home of the Kestrel environmental meter line, the instruments and meters that Kestrel produces have become the gold standard for professionals across several industries where weather plays an important part of their day. From agriculture and heat stress, to wild land firefighting and law enforcement, the rugged durability and precise measurements of the Kestrel line can always be counted on to perform under intense conditions.

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Using everything learned from the Kestrel Environmental line of products, a line of meters and instruments to help long-range shooters overcome the unknown variables of environmental conditions emerged. From helping the average hunter make a shot up to a few hundred yards away, to a professional long-range competitor who needs to hit a target up to a mile away, the Kestrel Ballistics line of meters will help hit the target on the first shot.

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First developed for coaches to be heard over the grunts and strain of athletic competition, then quickly adopted by other industries including law enforcement and military, the Blue Ocean Megaphone was made to be the last megaphone that anyone will need to buy. Built to withstand being dropped, bumped, whacked, and even submerged in water (yes, it floats) the rugged nature of this megaphone is unprecedented in the industry. With a focus on crystal clear sound at long distances, the Blue Ocean Megaphone allows the audience to hear exactly what is intended.

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