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Our Mission

Our mission is to deliver measurements that matter.

We design and build rugged, easy-to-use products that provide critical measurements and guidance to help our customers succeed in their passions and professions.

Global Values

Nielsen-Kellerman Misson-Objective


Building products that are easy-to-use, perform reliably and accurately in challenging environments, and provide actionable knowledge to solve real-world problems.

Our goal is a product that is so obviously "right for its job" that the end result seems simple.

Nielsen-Kellerman Learning


Seeking immersive understanding of our customers' passions, pursuits and problems.

Staying curious and educated about the world and technology so we can create innovative solutions others have not thought of.

Nielsen-Kellerman Accountability


Taking responsibility for our mistakes and short-comings and following through to fix them.

Ensuring our products consistently meet our quality standards and standing behind them with meaningful warranties and service.

Nielsen-Kellerman Integrity


Treating customers, team members and partners with empathy, listening with an open mind before speaking, and always telling the truth.

Ensuring our product descriptions and specifications are accurate and honest. Doing what we say and keeping our promises.

Nielsen-Kellerman Productivity


Creating long-lasting products, job opportunities and economic value through American manufacturing and partnerships.

Never resting on our achievements and continuously improving everything we do.

Nielsen-Kellerman Global Citizenship

Global Citizenship

Striving to do good in our local and global community and protect our shared environment.

Internal Values

Nielsen-Kellerman Self Motivation


Independently and effectively pursuing personal and company goals.

Nielsen-Kellerman Team Player


Accepting team differences and working together. Seeking collaborative improvement while avoiding actions and speech that disrupt or harm.

Nielsen-Kellerman Accountability


Following through and accepting responsibility for mistakes.

Nielsen-Kellerman Productivity


Creating high-quality work at a pace that meets the needs of the company and coworkers.

Nielsen-Kellerman Learning


Continuously seeking new skills and relevant knowledge.

Nielsen-Kellerman Integrity


Treating co-workers, customers and partners with empathy and listening with an open mind before speaking. Always telling the truth.