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People Behind the Products: Meet John

People Behind the Products: Meet John

His voice is quiet, but strong, carrying through the megaphone’s speakers as he tests one-two-three.

An assembler for two years, John has worked several different lines, including Kestrel, impellers, and Drop. He's dabbled a little in HUD and is now building our megaphones. Nielsen-Kellerman is his first job, a fact he is very proud of.

"I like the things they do for us," he says, citing free lunches after hitting monthly goals, and of course, the three-day weekends.

When not working, John holds a passion for video games and has expressed interest in their design. Lately, he's been enjoying the newest installment in his favorite franchise, Assassin's Creed: Valhalla on his PlayStation 5. Other times, he'll jump online to enjoy games with the welcomed company of his friends.

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