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People Behind the Products: Meet Doris

People Behind the Products: Meet Doris

The timid voice of an assembler comes over the loudspeaker. "Yellow andon light, Kestrel cell," they repeat. "Yellow andon light, Kestrel cell." Andon lights are an easy way to indicate status in progress. At NK, a green light is normal, yellow signals attention is needed, and red is an emergency stop. From their offices, supervisors and product managers emerge and congregate on the warehouse floor to discuss solutions to the problem, whether that be missing parts or failing products.

Doris is one of these supervisors. As the global supply chain manager, she ensures that we have all the materials necessary to build our products, a position she's held for thirteen years.

With over thirty years of experience in electronic manufacturing, Doris now manages 2100 materials. But her greatest accomplishment, she boasts, is her sons. "I did a really good job with them," she says. One of them is a nurse, while the other is a chiropractor; both striving to help people.

She tells me supply chain is the future; that it is important to any company or distributor, and advises young people to consider the career. "If you're good at it," Doris assures, "you’ll be very successful."

When not managing over two thousand parts, Doris likes to keep active, using her free time to work out and ride the bike trails at the Chesapeake and Delaware canals. She and her husband are avid boaters and set aside their summer weekends to enjoy activities like crabbing.

"My goal in life is to explore," she says. In particular, Doris aspires to see the rest of the United States, including the Grand Canyon and our national parks, like Yosemite. Additionally, having already been to Naples, Doris dreams of seeing Florence and Venice, Italy.

"Coming here was the best move I ever made," she says of NK, "and the best company I’ve worked for."

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