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People Behind the Products: Meet Kelly

People Behind the Products: Meet Kelly

Kelly sat at the end of the line, picking up the finished unit that had just appeared at her station. She laid it inside the leak tester and shut the door. In a few moments, she would know if it was a pass or fail.

This April, Kelly celebrates her second NK anniversary and since then has cross-trained in many of our product lines, including Kestrel, HUD, and as of recently, packing. Kelly has told us that she likes NK because "they treat us like family.

Kelly is a proud mom and grandparent who loves quality time with her grandchildren and regularly attends their sporting events, including basketball, baseball, baseball, and soccer. She also enjoys different crafts like jewelry-making, and crocheting blankets, slippers, and hats for the Philly Mummers parade. Moreover, she regularly steals to her trailer in Maryland for weekend getaways.

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