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People Behind the Products: Meet Iriani

People Behind the Products: Meet Iriani

Tugging the microphone close to her mouth, Iriani spoke loud and clear. "One, two, three, testing," she called. Her voice echoed through the plant. Satisfied with the sound, she rolled it up, setting it aside to be packaged and shipped. This friendly face has been on the team since April 2006 and has never looked back, flashing her NK pride wherever she goes. "It's what you make it," she told me, smiling brightly from across the table. She’s done mostly everything there is to do on the floor, with the exceptions of the Blue Ocean Megaphone and NK SpeedCoach.

When not at work, Iriani can be found prowling stores for new clothes and footwear. Her favorite deals are on dresses, flats, and sneakers.

She likes to take advantage of her long weekends by visiting her young granddaughter in Tennessee, as well as her family in Indonesia. It's her dream, she says, to bring her family together again. "Family is everything to me. [They] make me proud. I'm so blessed."

When asked about her husband, Iriani couldn’t help but tear up. Married for twenty-five years, the pair is inseparable. "We're always together. My husband loves us so much. Everywhere we go – we go together. But since he got sick, I only go out with my daughter. He waits for us to get home from work. He'll call us at 5:00 and ask 'Where are you?'"On one August 21, also her birthday, Iriani penned a text to her husband that said, "Happy anniversary. Don't leave me. [When we go,] we will go together."

Meet Iriana

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