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People Behind the Products: Meet Citra

People Behind the Products: Meet Citra

One by one, she set them in place. A row of them occupied the length of the container in a single line. Once finished, she lowered the door closed and watched carefully as the laser machine freed the windows of their excess mold, or "flash".

This August marks Citra’s ninth year at Nielsen-Kellerman, and she is a jack of all trades. That’s right, everywhere between building impellers, seeing to repairs, Oarlock and Drop, and so much more. Citra’s done it all. When asked what she likes most about working for NK, she said that she appreciates that there are so many different things to learn and do throughout the plant.

Additionally, she loves the social events and activities organized by the company. This includes a dragon boating team, summer picnics and gatherings, and of course, the annual holiday party.

In her free time, Citra practices crochet, crafting hats and purses, which she gives to her niece. When with her friends, Citra enjoys going for hikes and taking pictures. Among her favorite things to photograph are backdrops of scenery and her family, especially her mother and niece.

Citra also loves to travel. Last year, she visited Indonesia, and later the Netherlands in December. Back in the States, Citra is excited to be close to completing her degree in computer information. One more class, she says!

As for her future, Citra hopes to seek more adventure, listing skydiving, bungee jumping, and scuba diving as some of her bucket list items. She also plans to visit Portugal and study the language.

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