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Boothwyn, PA - January 11, 2021


Ambient Weather Network is a growing community of weather-minded enthusiasts and professionals sharing valuable weather data from across the globe. Interact with local stations, view and take live webcam videos, share your data with the online platform, and build your own custom hyper-local forecast.

At CES 2021 Ambient Weather®, a Nielsen-Kellerman® brand, debuts the release of new features on Ambient Weather Network – the fastest growing interactive online weather community. Ambient Weather has been a market leader in weather stations, environmental monitoring instruments, and intuitive web-based dashboards for viewing and sharing weather data for over two decades. Ambient Weather believes weather is personal, and we are dedicated to building a community around people that are passionate about weather.

Once you connect your personal weather station to Ambient Weather Network, you become a free contributing member to one of the most interactive social weather platforms. Join the conversation with seamless streaming of real-time weather conditions from your station, hyper-local weather forecasts, and an active community of weather professionals and enthusiasts who together, create a rich network of weather data.

A Connected Weather Experience

The personal weather dashboard at Ambient Weather Network is the most versatile and intuitive in the industry. Posting data online from your own station is free and requires only a quick connection of your station console to your Wi-Fi network. Connect with other nearby stations, or track distant weather at your favorite ski area, marina, beach, or work location. View charts and graphs of historical data or information like temperature, humidity, rainfall, ultraviolet radiation, and more, directly from your device. And, once connected, you can interact with your personal station data on Alexa, Google Home, and IFTTT.

Making Weather Personal

Ambient Weather Network is much more than just a web-based weather dashboard. We take our extensive weather station network and place them into a mapping platform combining meaningful weather information with a robust community. View up-to-the-minute conditions and even live weather images from nearby stations such as your recreational or work location. Like, share and comment on forecasts in your area or create your own hyper-local forecasts. No matter If you follow the weather to plan for work, time with family, travel, or outdoor activities having real-time hyper-local weather reporting helps you stay more connected to what matters most.

To learn more about our online community and experience these features firsthand, please visit Ambient Weather Network

About Nielsen-Kellerman

Nielsen-Kellerman (NK) is the parent company for a family of measuring and monitoring technology brands focused on providing the accurate performance and weather data needed for safety, business success, research and defense, as well as athletic and recreational activities. NK specializes in building products that perform in the most challenging outdoor environments, from the water to the desert. NK's largest division is the weather division, encompassing Kestrel® Weather and Environmental Meters, Ambient Weather® Stations and internet dashboards, and RainWise® Professional Grade Weather Stations and Rain Gauges. NK also designs and builds NK Sports Performance electronics for rowing and paddling, Kestrel® Ballistics Meters and MagnetoSpeed(R) Shooting Accessories for long-range shooting, and Blue Ocean Rugged Megaphones for outdoor use. NK makes the majority of its products in the USA and is proud to be both a recognized leader in Lean Manufacturing and an award-winning top workplace. For more information, visit

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