People Behind the Products: Meet Sheri

People Behind the Products: Meet Sheri

Sheri has worked at NK for the past five years, although one could say this isn't her first rodeo. This is Sheri's second, having worked with us for two years before taking leave for personal reasons. She returned to us in the spring of 2014. Most practiced in building batteries for our Blue Ocean megaphones, Sheri has also been cross-trained in impellers, CoxBox Minis, Kestrels, and more. She enjoys coming to work, showing appreciation for the company's benefits, which includes parties for a variety of occasions, and the friendly people.

Q & A

What are your hobbies and interests outside of work?

I went to the Academy of Delaware for photography – Delaware Academy of Arts and Design. And I used to be a licensed cosmetologist; I was a cosmetology teacher for a little while at Delaware Beauty College.

I go to concerts all the time, and listen to audiobooks all day. I've sat in a concert in a tornado, out in a field. I mean, if I'm going, I'm going. Tornado or not.

Oh, I also play pool. I'm on a league on Tuesday nights.

What do you consider to be your greatest accomplishment?

Raising five kids as a single mother and two of the kids weren't mine. Their mother was killed. I took them in and raised them with my kids.

What's on your bucket list? Have you checked off anything yet?

Let's see... What haven't I done?

I have my pilot license. I went to school at Delaware Tech for computers. I've kayaked on level four. I golf...

I've visited Haiti, Jamaica, Mexico. I’ve been to Bermuda five times. I've been to a lot of countries. I travel a lot.

I want to bungee jump, into the water. I would like to go to Vegas to play pool. I would like to hit the Mega Ball or Power Ball. That would be great!

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